Are Veterinary Hospitals Considered Essential Services in Ontario?

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Hello everyone,
An announcement was made today by Premier Doug Ford that all non-essential services are to close by midnight March 24, 2019. Many of you have been calling to ask if veterinary hospitals will be closing. The honest answer is that at this point, we are not sure. We are waiting on the Premier’s office to release the specific list of businesses to close. We will be calling you if you have any medications or food that has arrived and is to be picked up. We will have you pay over the phone for any food or medications and we will bring it to your car.
For all appointments, we will allow only one person to accompany the pet into the exam room or in some cases we may come to the car and get the pet. When you arrive at the clinic call 705-522-4555 and we will give you directions.
We encourage those who require flea and tick medication to call or email and we will get it ready for you. We’re experiencing very high call volumes of concerns clients at this time so we thank you so much for your patience.

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