July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day

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July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day.
The thought of losing a pet in a fire is unbearable. Just as we should think about our own fire safety plan, we should think of what to do for our pets.
Here are 5 top safety tips to ensure you and your pet have the best to prevent and know what to do during a fire:
1. Use flameless candles. Pets are often fascinated by the glow of the candle and their curiosity could cause them to burn themselves or knock over a candle causing a fire. Always use caution with firepits, barbeques and wood burning fireplaces.
2. When leaving your pet home alone, ensure they are kept in areas that are close to entrances so that firefighters do not have to search the whole home for them. Close doors to bedrooms etc. so pets will not have access to rooms they do not need.
3. Keep electrical cords out of reach. Dogs and cats love to chew! If they chew on electrical cords, this could spark a fire or cause serious harm through electrical shock.
4. Have a fire alarm that is connected to a monitoring station that will alert the fire department about smoke or fire detected, even when you are not home. Minutes count in surviving smoke and fire.
5. Place a sticker in your window to alert firefighters that you have a pet in the home. Make sure to write how many pets on the sticker. If you would like a cling for your window, you can visit Lockerby Animal Hospital to obtain one.

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