Have You Lost or Found a Pet in Sudbury, ON? Here Is What To Do.

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Losing a pet, even for just a few minutes is so scary!  July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month and Lockerby Animal Hospital would like to share what you need to do if you lose or find a pet in Sudbury, ON and surrounding regions.  

  1.  Search around your home and neighbourhood.  Let your neighbours know your pet is missing and have a description available including name, any distinguishing marks, colour, size, temperament (if they are shy or friendly), if they have a microchip, tattoo and a collar with identifying tags.  Provide them with your phone number or preferred method of contact in case they see your pet.  Make sure to bring a picture of your pet with you.
  2. Visit the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter Facebook page to post a notice of a lost or found pet.  This has been a great resource for many of our clients.
  3. If you do not have a Facebook account, but would like to post a notice Animal Shelter staff will post the information for you.  Email a photo of your lost pet or the pet you have found to [email protected]  Make sure to include your personal contact information as well as the information listed above.
  4. Create a poster and post it in your neighbourhood, at local businesses, your veterinarian’s office and pet stores.  Make sure the picture on the poster is clear and good quality.  Make sure to show the whole body especially if there are distinguishing markings.
  5. Use social media.  The power of social media is huge and most people are more than willing to share a post of a lost or found animal to reunite them with their owner.  Be sure to send a copy of your poster through social media to your veterinarian, friends, local rescue groups and Greater Sudbury Area Lost and Found Pets on Facebook and ask them to share.
  6. Make sure to update social media groups and the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter if the pet has been found or a found pet’s owner has been located. 

Your pet should have some form of identification in case they get lost.  Microchipping, tattoos, city tags and tags with the pet’s name and home phone number if they are lost are great options.  The rabies tag from your veterinarian is a good source as the person finding the pet will often call the office based on the number on the tag.  

Have a fun and safe summer with your pet!  




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