A big thank you from Lockerby Animal Hospital for your support during our 30th Anniversary

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As the year 2017 draws to a close, the doctors and staff of Lockerby Animal Hospital would like to express their best wishes and gratitude to all our patients and clients who helped make this past 30th anniversary year so special.

Dr. Jim Hysen opened the doors to Lockerby Animal Hospital in 1987 after moving from southern Ontario and falling in love with the people and land of Northern Ontario.  Dr. Chad, who was born and raised in Sudbury, joined him in 1993 and shared his vision to provide compassionate, high quality veterinary medical care to our patients and clients. It’s hard to believe that Dr. Jim has been gone for over 5 years now after losing his battle with cancer in 2012.  Dr Courtney joined us in 2013 and has helped fill the huge void left by Jim’s loss. She has been a valuable asset to our family here ever since. No one felt much like celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2012 so our 30th anniversary was very special to us this year. At this time of Christmas and the approaching New Year, it feels appropriate to reflect on what we have now as well as what we have experienced with our wonderful patients, clients, and staff in the past. 

            The reason all of us working here at Lockerby Animal Hospital get out of bed each working day and love coming to the hospital is because of the incredible animals we serve and their wonderfully committed owners. It’s as simple as that. We care about you and your pets. We have committed our professional lives to training and learning how to provide skilled, quality veterinary medical care to animals.  We are so grateful that our client guardians are as equally committed to providing the same care to their beloved family pet because without them, our patients would never be cared for as kindly as they are, and enjoy the high quality of life they enjoy.

            There has never been a simple formula for our success over the last 30 years. Dr. Jim tried to instill a culture of compassion and respect for our patients and clients that all of us here strive to embody every day.  We try to treat each patient and their owner with the individual care and compassion they deserve, because we know they have many choices for veterinary health care and have chosen us to provide that care. We like to think that the loyalty of the incredible clients we have had in the past, and enjoy working with today, reflects some measure of success in obtaining those qualities of compassionate, respectful business practices.  It is something we will continue to strive for in the coming years.

            Many of our wonderful clients have been with us since 1987. Many are on their 3rd and 4th generation of pets that we have had the privilege to care for.  Thank you so much for allowing us that privilege.   Thank you also for the memories, love, and compassion you shared for your pets, the ripples of which still remain in our hearts. To our current clients, both well-known and new, please know that we appreciate you and your animals, and hope we can continue to provide the care you both expect and deserve. It is a humbling task to be allowed to care for animals who only want to love and be loved. Here’s to another 30 years caring for these wonderful creatures!

Have a wonderful holiday season!!

Dr Chad Wilkinson, Dr Courtney Andrews, and the veterinary team at Lockerby Animal Hospital          



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