Lockerby Animal Hospital thanks Kivi Park

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Lockerby Animal Hospital is proud to be a friend of Kivi Park!  We have been very excited to watch all the progress being made at the park and want to support the amazing efforts to make our community healthier for people and for pets.  We have had many pets coming in who have lost weight and the owners have attributed this to their walks on the trails at Kivi Park.  We love it!  Last weekend we were lucky enough to host our 30th Anniversary Celebration at Kivi Park.  It was awesome!  We had over 100 participants and lots of furry friends who went swimming, hiking, running and met a lot of new friends.  It was a great chance to thank our clients and celebrate our role in the community for the last 30 years…that is a lot of pets we have seen 🙂  A huge thank you to Kivi Park for allowing us to host our party in their beautiful park.  #KiviPark; #KiviParkTrails


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