Lockerby Animal Hospital No Longer Performing Declaws

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Happy Friday to all our clients and furry friends! Dr Chad here. I wanted to let everyone know that Lockerby Animal Hospital has finally, officially become a pro-paw hospital! What this means essentially is that after 24 years of offering cat declaw surgery, I have decided not to offer this service any longer at our clinic. Although a procedure I rarely perform, averaging only 2-3 per year, I still agreed to perform the surgery when “pushed” by a client to do so, despite trying to educate them on the negative aspects of the procedure for their cat. Doing this procedure never sat well with me and I know it didn’t sit well with Dr Courtney (who has never done one fortunately) and our cat loving RVT’s, so I know everyone is happier now that old Dr Chad has finally seen the light!!! I am happy that younger veterinarians are not being trained how to perform this debilitating surgery, and I hope that veterinarians who still perform cat declaws will also have the courage to ‘ just say no’ in the future. We have to put the welfare of our patients in front of the wishes of our clients! If we all make the decision not to offer it, hopefully declaw surgery will become just a painful memory.
Please see the link to The Paw Project page and if you get a chance, watch their documentary available on Netflix.


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  • Linda Porter says:

    Dr Chad,

    Many many thanks on behalf of the countless paws you are saving by no longer offering declawing at your clinic! I hope that other experienced veterinarians, who have routinely declawed kittens and cats with little second thought, will now follow your courageous lead. It is difficult to convince legislators to pass laws that will ban the practice, but the fact that so many humane professionals such as yourself are speaking out makes the cause more hopeful! I wish you and your colleagues many blessings in the new year. And to all the kitties out there, your paws are safe at Lockerby Animal Clinic! Thank you!

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