Medical Monday-Flea Allergy Dermatitis

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Silver was brought into Lockerby Animal Hospital by a caregiver concerned about his condition.  He was seen Dr. Jim Hysen and it was determined that he would remain under the care of our team until a home was found for him.  He was diagnosed with flea allergy dermatitis and was in such severe pain and poor condition that it was a very tough decision as to whether he should be euthanized.  Our team provided care for him until he was feeling well enough to be adopted.

In cats and dogs flea allergy dermatitis is the most common cause of skin disease.  It is caused when a chemical in the flea’s saliva causes an allergic reaction which can lead to symptoms such as severe itching, redness, scabs and hair loss.  Peak times for fleas are summer and fall so this is an increase of cases noticed at our animal hospital during these times.  For those pets who have developed an allergy, even a few bites can result in severe itching for days.  Sometimes, a yeast or bacterial infections may occur and our team will need to treat this as well.   Flea allergy dermatitis is extremely uncomfortable for the pet. Look at the pictures of Silver below.


We are happy to report that Silver is now living with a family who absolutely loves him and he is living the good life!  He gives a little growl each evening if his owner is late for his hair brushing.  Silver has had no reoccurrence of the skin issues and is on a preventative flea program prescribed by our veterinarians.  He is so happy and loving and our Lockerby Animal Hospital team is so thrilled we were able to give him a chance at a wonderful life!


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