Want to hear some hilarious things said by staff at Lockerby Animal Hospital?

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Musings of a Veterinary Hospital Manager

Those who work in an Animal Hospital could write a book about the funny/interesting/weird things that happen to them!  Our hospital in Sudbury, Ontario is no exception!   Coming from a background as a Registered Nurse I can say I have my fair share of interesting stories from the human side of health care.  But…there are some things very unique to Veterinary Medicine that I had to share.  I am often at my desk and I overhear some hilarious things!

Here are some samples from our Veterinary Team at Lockerby Animal Hospital:

“I really enjoyed that book on fecal exams” –RVT discussing some continuing education she had taken part in

“Who wants the poop?” –Reception singing out cheerily while bringing a pet’s fecal sample to the lab area

“There’s a bacteria party going on in here” –RVT examining a sample at the microscope

“See?  That is what I mean by big beautiful cocci!” –RVT looking at a urine sample under the microscope

“Can you come down here and do a bum scratcher?” –RVT’s calling for help for pets who are nervous about getting blood work done-the top of their backs above the tail gets rubbed so they feel less anxious and are getting a bit of a massage-works great for distraction about anything the pet thinks is scary

“You never thought you’d be so happy over dog poop!”-Veterinarian during a phone call to a client whose pet received a clean bill of health after a parasite infestation

“At this time of year it’s all poop soup”-RVT referring to fecal samples being brought in during the spring

“He’s here to have his bum shaved”-RVT explaining reason for pet visit

“That’s a seriously yeasty foot!”-RVT looking at skin scraping on the microscope

“Ugghh…I just stuck my hand in cat vomit”-RVT who had unexpectedly put her hand in a blanket where she wasn’t expecting this little surprise

“That’s the guy with the itchy bum coming in”-RVT referring to a pet who was on his way for an appointment

“We recommend checking your stool once a year for parasites.  Can you please bring in a sample?”-Receptionist speaking to a client.  Caused some laughter when I suggested she should be recommending that the pet’s stool be checked rather than “your” stool.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do sitting here at my desk!  In writing this, I have come to several conclusions:

1)       We deal with a lot of poop around here

2)      Our RVT’s spend a lot of time looking through a microscope

3)      Our jobs are not always very glamourous

4)      Our staff is hilarious without even knowing it

5)      We love our jobs and at Lockerby Animal Hospital we can sure have a lot of fun at work!


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