We Have a $100 Winner in our Parasite Prevention Program!

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Congratulations to Jube Jube and Judi who are the winners of the $100 gift certificate from Lockerby Animal Hospital!  Jube Jube made the contribution and Judi supplied the creative touch…what a team!  Our team at Lockerby Animal Hospital had so much fun receiving everyone’s samples.  It really made our job fun and let’s face it…poop collection sometimes is not fun 🙂  Well, at least we just have to receive it from you.  You do all the hard work!  We would like to thank all of our parasite prevention contest participants for their highly imaginative submissions!  Below are some of our more creative submissions…enjoy!

Parasite prevention is an important part of overall health care for our pets.  Unfortunately, most internal parasites cannot be prevented, only treated. In addition, some of these can be passed on to us! Luckily, we do have medications which can treat these parasites quite easily, but only when they are detected.  This is why regular microscopic examination of your pet’s stool at your veterinarian to screen for parasites is so important.

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