Lockerby Animal Hospital Made Major Changes in 2013!

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Lockerby Animal Hospital Made Major Changes in 2013!

As the fiscal year draws to an end for most businesses it is a great time to reflect on the past year and plan ahead for the future.   Our team has been doing exactly that.  Change in any health care setting happens so frequently and quickly we often forget that change has happened until we look back. 

Here are some of the changes our team at Lockerby Animal Hospital has made in 2013:

  • We developed an official Lockerby Animal Hospital Vision Statement.  No easy feat!  We now use this to guide us for all decisions in the care of our patients, clients, team and business.  You can check it out on our website at 
  • We increased appointment times for regular appointments to 30 minutes.
  • We increased our staff numbers by adding an Associate Veterinarian, two Registered Veterinary Technicians, a Hospital Manager and an Animal Care Aide.  This opens up more appointment times and increases the staff dedicated caring for your pets.
  • We now include a Registered Veterinary Technician as an essential part of the appointment to allow time for thorough information collecting at the beginning and education, review and client questions at the end of the appointment after the Veterinarian has seen your pet.   
  • We developed a new website, Facebook page, monthly newsletter and email system.  It is our goal to keep you up to date with any changes at the clinic, exciting events happening, and the latest news in veterinary medicine.  We share some cute pictures too 🙂
  • Introduction of the Pet Portal.  Lockerby Animal Hospital is excited to offer this free service for you through Vetstreet.  It enables you to have secure online access to information about your pets’ health.  Clients who register can easily check their pets’ health records, refill prescriptions, print vaccination records, set appointments, access a pet health library and review their account.  We have had some really good feedback from our clients who are using it now.  Feel free to contact our office if you would like more information on how to set up your own Pet Portal.
  • Education sessions each Wednesday from 12-2pm.  Our team implemented these meetings so we can learn about the latest trends in veterinary care to practice at the highest quality level.
  • We have a new logo!  Have you noticed our new look?  You can find our logo on our website, name tags, stationary and just about anything we could find to proudly display it on.  Our Registered Veterinary Technicians are sporting new uniforms with our logo colours and our Veterinarians, Reception Team and Hospital Manager are also decked out in our hospital colours. 
  • We have gone paperlessWell…almost.  Our patient files now have all components digitally integrated.  This allows us to be more efficient and as a result, spend more time with your pets.
  • Lots and lots of behind the scenes thingsthat I won’t bore you with but are really exciting for us.

Our goal for 2014 is to continually strive to provide the highest quality of compassionate veterinary care for you and your pet.  We’ll keep you posted as we make changes this coming year….Happy Fiscal New Year everyone!



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  • Judy Krasuski says:

    We have been patients of this wonderful facility for many years and it is wonderful to see how you have grown, developed and adapted your practice to meet and serve the needs of all the fur babies. Did not think it was possible to improve but you certainly have…with being more stream lined and working together as a team, there is more time to have discussions with the vet as well as it is nice to see and meet the other team members who usually were in the back….keep up the great work, you continue to be very creative, expanding your expertise, improving services but without taking away from the time, commitment, nurturing and compassion you give to not only the fur babies but to their owners as well
    Thank you for always striving to do better and as a result we are the ones who benefit the most
    Take care

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